~*~Main Cast~*~



Nicholas Wheeler:

Nothing short of an introvert, Nick loves to spend his time building small devices and programming computer programs. He works towards his dream of owning his own electronics shop, but his disability and strict federal laws make it a difficult task.

Strong minded and independent, Nick is extremely distrustful of other people. Others tend to find him irritable, stubborn, and hard to get along with. The few friends he has allowed into his life know that under his grumpy exterior, is a fiercely loyal and fun-loving computer nerd.




Veronica Hager:

Known as “Vee” by her close friends, Veronica is a social butterfly and skilled mechanic. Her social networking skills has cast her a wide web of connections, and she isn’t afraid to use it to her advantage. Best friends with Nick since high school, she loves organizing all sorts of plans and events for their days off.

Veronica is often found in the mechanic shop she inherited from her father, fixing up various shuttles and mechs. Her dream is to one day command her very own starship, but the job is exclusive to those born into wealth it’s often left as a pipe dream. Instead, she settles for making custom, if not borderline illegal, personal shuttles in her free time.





Discovered by Nick in waterway wreckage, Math appears to be a strange mask-like object. Lacking a physical body of his own, he can only explore the world around him by possessing those who wear him. He prefers Nick’s body as a host, and is very vocal about the time displacement he experiences when not worn.

Aside from a few vague feelings and fleeting images, Math has no memories of who (or what) he was before he met Nick. Though easily excitable and optimistic, he struggles with creating a new identity for himself and often worries about his humanity.


~*~Other Characters~*~

-Lily Wheeler-

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