Hey guys! Chapter 1 is over, and it was one heck of a bumpy ride *v*

As per usual, I’ll be taking a few weeks break for inbetween chapters. One week off for me to actually rest and two weeks off to work on the comic so there is a decent backlog in case something happens again. Hino will also need a week to write out the next chapter since she was brought on rather late.

So SwitchOut will be on break for a total of 4 weeks.

It’s a bit long, but this will insure that we won’t have a repeat of these last few months, where my accident injuries and work forced me to work on pages right up to and on the release days. It will be nice to finally have pages coming out in the mornings like they should.

In the mean time, I’ll be going through and uploading a few things for patrons! A new 15$ tier is up, and I have a handful of old PSDs to release over this period of time for that tier. I also have some great backgrounds/lineart for the 10$ tier. All 5 dollar tier patrons may ask me for a free sketch of any character (be it their OC, or favorite character from a tv show) as an apology for being unable to give you the early pages you guys deserved.

I apologize for how rough this chapter was, and here’s to learning and improving for the next chapter!