So, a bunch of things have caused me to fall behind on updates, though until this week I’ve still managed to get them out on the right “date.” Recently, I’ve had to juggle physical therapy for my ankle, odd jobs around town and commissions to try and keep myself afloat. Sadly, the recent demand to work and support myself has made it so I can no longer keep my 3 pages each week update schedule.

I’m sorry to announce that I’ll be needing to drop Wednesday off my update list, and only update two pages a week. In upcoming patreon changes, I’ll make it a milestone goal. Reaching that goal will mean I’ll no longer have to heavily depend on work source and commissions to cover some of my bills, and I’ll be able to once again focus more time on SwitchOut! The header should update to reflect these changes later this week.

Speaking of commissions, Tarol Hunt has commissioned me to do two guest comic pages on Goblins! You can check this comic out over here!

I apologize for any inconveniences this causes, and I hope to be on track soon once again.