Hey everyone! My concussion has been subsiding and my leg is well enough for me to sit in a chair, so updates will be coming in a week or two (as long as I don’t experience another flash of post concussion.)

Updates will be going differently though. With the long weeks to sit in bed, I had a long time to think about my comic, review other comics and how to put them together. SwitchOut currently takes 3 entire chapters to get into the plot, which is a huge no no as far as most comics goes. Most of the first two chapters is padding and rushed work for the old sci fi contest. If these three chapters were ever printed, it would make for a terrible book.

So I have successfully created a new rewrite of chapter 1 and 2, condensing it into one chapter of 45 pages. It has better flow, focus, better character interaction and introduction and I’ll be using this opportunity to make nicer panel composition. All those who reviewed the script and storyboards say it’s definitely better, so I hope you guys enjoy it!


When it comes time to start posting again in a week or two, all pages will be deleted and I’ll put up 4 pages a week till I hit chapter 3 (now chapter 2), where I’ll upload one page a day till it’s passed what you guys have already seen. (except for the guest comic pages.) As usual, patreon will get these pages a week before. Tapastic will have mobile updates a week after this site recieves them ovo

I hope you guys enjoy the new rewrite!