Finally finished chapter 2! A big moment for me for this is the farthest and most invested I’ve ever been in a webcomic! I’ll be taking a two week break from updates so I can make sure to create a decent page buffer. This way SwitchOut can stay on it’s MWF updates and easily add another date if we hit the next patreon milestone goal. It’ll also finally allow the 5$ patrons to receive actual early updates instead of me working right up against the update dates.

In the meantime, Webtoons is having a superhero contest! I’ll be trying to give another shot at their contest! I mean it probably counts as superhero, based on the fact of; he wears a mask, super human skills, and saves the world. I would love another shot at the job opportunities, plus Stan Lee is helping out. To have him even glance at my comic is a total honor, so I’m pretty excited! I’ll be making a super clickable banner when it starts on the 14th, so you guys can help vote and support SwitchOut if you like!